Democrat Gets BAD NEWS After Threatening To ASSASSINATE TRUMP

The mainstream media has vilified Donald Trump and his supporters to the point where Democrats seem to think that it’s alright to threaten the president’s life. This week, however, one liberal loudmouth learned the hard way that threatening the president has big consequences.

Daily Mail reported that Montclair State University Professor Kevin Allred was fired from his job this week after he called for someone to shoot Trump in a vile Twitter post.

“Trump is a f—ing joke,” Allred wrote on Friday night. “This is all a sham. I wish someone would just shoot him outright.”

Later in the weekend, Allred shared the infamous photo of Kathy Griffin beheading Trump along with the caption, “mood.”

Allred later returned to Twitter to announce that he had been fired.

Allred was an adjunct professor for Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies who was best known for teaching a ridiculous class called “Politicizing Beyonce.” In November of 2016, when he was a professor at Rutgers, Allred was admitted to Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital to undergo mental evaluation after he made threats “to kill white people,” burn the flag and abuse gun laws.”

“Rutgers police told them I’m a threat based on political statements I’ve made on campus and on Twitter. This is for exercising my … First Amendment rights,” Allred wrote on Twitter when police showed up to question him.

We’re glad to see that this man has been fired and a message has been sent to all liberals that no matter how much they hate President Trump, it is never acceptable to threaten his life!