California Congresswoman Flees Stage When Confronted with Trump Supporters

Representative Nanette Barragán (D-CA), was having a town hall meeting in Carson city, Los Angeles, when Trump supporters let their voices be heard.

Barragán is a congresswoman from the 44th congressional district who is serving her first term in office. She didn’t realize who was in the crowd when she refused to do the pledge of allegiance at the beginning of the meeting. Trump supporters, and simply people who love our country, stood up and recited the pledge to honor our flag themselves.

Once the hall calmed down, Barragán started with an array of comments trashing the President of the United States. Maybe that goes over when the hall is full of liberals and people that agree with her warped views, but not when patriots are filling the seats.

A video that was filmed by a patriot at the meeting revealed that it was lacking in Barragán supporters and therefore a hostile environment for her behavior. It was noted by Breitbart that Trump supporters filled up the front rows.


The congresswoman fled off the stage when the Trump supporters started chanting “We love Trump!” Many people were shouting questions at her about supporting illegal aliens and where she stood on climate change. Refusing to answer the legitimate questions, she actually had the gall to move the meeting to a place where she would only have supporters in the audience.

Democrats have been filling up Republican town halls in an effort to stifle the truth. An “Indivisible Guide” has become a manual for people involved in the so called “Resistance” against President Trump and all Republicans in Congress. Barragán town hall was a wonderful turn of events.

Barragán posted on Facebook, “Thanks to those who came to tonight’s #Carson town hall & for those who were civil. Apologies for having to shut it down. I’ll be back soon!” Apparently, respecting our country and flag, along with asking legitimate questions isn’t civil according to Democrats.

It’s time for Americans to stand up against the liberals trying to ruin our country and show the President that we have his back.