BREAKING: Video of Michelle Obama Partying With Beyoncé


A newly found video of Beyoncé’s birthday party was found Friday, and former First Lady Michelle Obama seems to be having a splendid time.

Beyoncé and Michelle Obama have joined forces many times during former President Barack Obama’s eight long years in the White House. “Girl Power” and feminism were the factors that drew these two women together. While working on numerous “causes” Michelle Obama and Beyoncé spent a lot of time partying.

In this video, Michelle Obama is with Beyoncé and her sister Solange, saying “Bye Felicia!” into what seems to be a cellphone camera. Solange and Beyoncé are wearing party glasses and thoroughly enjoying themselves with the former First Lady at the private birthday bash.

Michelle Obama and Beyoncé worked on “Let’s Move!” together in 2010 to try to reduce or eliminate childhood obesity. Combining comprehensive strategies with common sense, Let’s Move! is about helping children develop a healthy future during their earliest months and years.

Modern Healthcare reported, “I would have to say that it’s been an unqualified failure,” Dr. Neal Barnard, founder and president of nutrition advocacy organization Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, said of the “Let’s Move!” campaign. “I would certainly give (Obama) credit for raising the profile of the issue. Where I think they went wrong is that they ended up doing more harm than good by convincing Americans that the causes of it were things that were completely fictional.”

While Barack Obama was in the White House, many questioned the relationship between Beyoncé and Michelle. One woman is married to the former President and the other is married to self-professed “Ni**a in Paris.” What kind of a role model for young girls is that? Jay-Z, Beyoncé’s husband, has on several occasions referred to his wife as the “b**ch in his home.”