BREAKING: Shocking New Details Emerge About Eric Bolling’s Dead Son


Eric Chase Bolling, son of Eric Bolling from Fox News, was found dead in his bed Friday night. There has been much speculation as to the cause of death with many saying it was a drug overdose, although TMZ reported no drug paraphernalia was found.

A close friend of young Eric disputes the suggestion, from liberals, that his death was in some way related to his father’s recent scandal at Fox News. The friends said that Eric didn’t suffer any “emotional torture” because of the “sexting” that his father was being accused of.


The friend went on to say that Eric was very proud of his father, and contrary to leftist reports, not ashamed of his father working at Fox News. The friend said, “He would always talk about his dad being on Fox News.”

“It’s not like I really cared, since I just wanted to be his friend,” she continued, “But he talked about it, and he was proud of his dad. He said he had the life that he had due to his father.”

On Friday, Fox News announced it had let Bolling Sr. go, after a brief suspension because of alleged sexting with female co-workers. Rumor’s about young Eric have been filling up the headlines, suggesting that he took his own life because he was “destroyed” about his father leaving Fox News.


His college friend spoke with Daily Camera and said that she’d be extremely surprised if Eric took his own life as that was “not the kind of person he was.” The friend said, “That’s not the Eric we know. Yes he cared about his dad, but he was a strong man. He’d faced adversity before and he always came back stronger than ever before.”

Bolling Sr. heard the tragic news about his son just a couple hours after he sealed his exit deal with Fox News. Bolling Sr. stated that Eric’s cause of death is still being investigated, but the detectives told him that there was “no sign of self harm at this point.”