BREAKING: Sad Announcement About Rush Limbaugh!

Conservative radio legend Rush Limbaugh surprised his fans on Thursday with a sad announcement.

He revealed that his Aunt Anne had died, describing her as an inspiration to everyone who knew her.

“It’s a sad day for the Limbaugh family,” Limbaugh said. “My Aunt Anne passed away very early this morning, natural causes, a long illness.”

Limbaugh described her as “charitable to a fault” and “selfless.”

“She’s always been so supportive of me, even when it was challenging to do so,” Limbaugh said. “She led a full life. She was one of the grande dames of the family, a genuine matriarch, and she’s going to be sorely, sorely missed. She and her husband, my Uncle Steve, married well over 50 years. And these things happen. I’ve always said I look forward to getting older, and the day has not yet come where I regret that.”

The radio host explained that every year so far has been better than the previous year, explaining that he has learned to appreciate the little things in life as he has gotten older.

“Every year so far has been better than the day before, but the older you get, death is something that’s more frequent and more common among your family, your circle of friends and so forth,” Limbaugh said. “It’s unavoidable, obviously. But she was just a great lady with impeccable taste and a wonderful personality, always smiling. She was inspirational to everybody who knew her, Anne Limbaugh.”

The radio host said Anne constantly wrote him notes offering encouragement and praising him when he achieved something. “She listened every day, and, if she heard me say something she thought was especially poignant or smart, she’d fire off a note and tell me. Those kinds of things are invaluable, getting support like that, and she did that with everybody in the family.”


We’re praying for the Limbaugh family!