BREAKING: Outrage After Joel Osteen Makes MAJOR Announcement

Joel Osteen, head Pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, has been widely criticized for allegedly closing it’s doors to Hurricane Harvey flood victims.

We live in a time where it’s hard to know the facts of a situation unless we see or hear them ourselves. Images have been strewn across mainstream media of Osteen’s church bone dry, yet others showed it flooded. Statements of the doors of the church being closed were followed with Osteen’s statement that “the church doors have always been open.”

Contrary to what liberal media is reporting, Osteen, and Lakewood Church, has received much verbal support from Christians, as well as monetary donations like the $250,000 famed actor/director Tyler Perry gave.

Osteen made a comment recently warning Christians in Texas not to have a “victim mentality.” The Huffington Post wrote an article stating, “Pastor Joel Osteen, who has been under fire for his Houston megachurch’s slow response to helping survivors of Hurricane Harvey, on Sunday vowed that God would ‘pay back’ victims for what they lost.”

The sermon, like everything else Osteen has said during the devastation in Texas, is open for misinterpretation. Social media users jumped on Osteens comments.

Whether one likes the pastor or not, the sermon did not mean that Christians shouldn’t care for those inflicted.

Christians have long had faith in the face of many different hardships, such as in the Book of Job, or the crucifixion of Jesus.

Hurricane Harvey has brought heartache and devastation to Texas, but it is a chance for people to see hard working Christians rise above adversity, band together, and rebuild. It is the core value of America. Liberals, apparently can’t stand the thought of self-reliance.