BREAKING: Joel Osteen Makes Tragic Announcement – America Shocked

BREAKING NEWS: Megachurch pastor Joel Osteen went on Fox & Friends this morning and made a sad announcement. Osteen revealed that he and his family have been attacked viciously and unfairly from those on the left.

Osteen was being attacked for not opening up his church, Lakewood, to flood victims. But he claims that the building was flooded, which is why he did not immediately open the doors.

On Monday, the 16,800-seat church posted on Facebook that its doors would remain shut “due to severe flooding.” A series of social media posts, however, seemed to indicate that the church avoided flooding. “You know, I didn’t pay much attention to it,” Osteen said of the social media outcry. “I had staff tell me that there was this firestorm happening. But, we don’t run our lives about what happens on Twitter. I mean, many of those people, some of them possibly, don’t care for us, they’re in another state, they’re not in our shoes where, you know, you can’t necessarily open your building when it’s very close to flooding itself.”

As of last night, he opened Lakewood’s doors to Houstonians in need who sought shelter from the hurricane.

“You know, we work with the city all the time,” Osteen said about the lead-up to the storm. “At that time the city was asking us to use city shelters, Harris county shelters and then when they got filled up that’s when we said, ‘Hey, you need more room, Lakewood would love to help out.'”

“And so, you know, I just don’t really…we’re set on our mission to help people, to love God and love others,” he continued. “And so, I just feel like when you do what you’re called to do you’re always going to have critics but we just keep moving forward and helping people. We’ve been doing it for 60 years with my parents here and, so, that’s what Lakewood is all about.”