BREAKING: Fox News Host QUITS Suddenly – Joining ‘The View’

BREAKING NEWS: Earlier today, we reported that Jedediah Bila–the only conservative panelist on The View–announced on air that it was her last day on the show. At the time she didn’t give her reason for leaving, but now it’s been revealed that she was fired for asking Hillary Clinton questions that were too tough when the failed presidential candidate was on the show last week.

Bila’s replacement has already been announced–and Fox News fans aren’t going to be happy.

Meghan McCain, daughter of the RINO senator John Mccain, will be taking over Bila’s spot on ‘The View.’ Late last week, McCain announced that she was quitting Fox News.

Bila is furious at her firing. Network executives were reportedly furious that she was too tough on Clinton, who was on the show last Wednesday promoting her book “What Happened.” Bila called her “tone deaf” and asking the former presidential candidate a tough question.

“To be fair, it hasn’t just been Republicans who have taken issue with the writing of this book. Some Democrats have come out as well,” Bila said to Clinton. “Former campaign surrogates of yours, former fundraisers and said, ‘This book puts us in the past and we wanna move forward, we wanna figure out where to take this party, how to succeed in the future. And this places us in the past.’ How do you respond to Democrats also coming out in criticism of you writing this?”

“I think they first should read the book,” Clinton answered.

“There was a lot of staff who were upset about how that interview was handled,” says the source, speculating that “The View” wants the former secretary of state to appear on the show multiple times. “They had a lot to say to Jedediah about calming things down.”

We’re told that Bila was signed on for the full season.

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