BREAKING: Fox News BUMPS Hannity – Announces His Replacement

THIS JUST IN: On Friday of last week, Fox News announced that Eric Bolling was officially fired from the network following allegations that he sent lewd photos to female co-workers via text. The firing has spurred a completely new lineup at Fox, which includes bumping Sean Hannity from his current time slot.

With Bolling gone, the 5pm show “The Specialists” is officially cancelled. “The Five” will be moved from the 9pm time slot back to 5pm, when it originally aired.

Sean Hannity is also being bumped from his 10pm show time, and being re-vamped in a new time slot: 9 pm. And Fox News has announced a brand new host to take over the 10pm slot…

Fan favorite and longtime Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham will get her own, brand new show for the 10pm time slot. Ingraham, who often goes to bat for President Donald Trump on her radio program and during her appearances on Hannity’s show, is a big fan of the commander in chief and will likely fit in well with Fox News’s Trump-friendly prime-time lineup.

It’s worth noting the change also comes as Fox News’s 9 p.m. hour often loses to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, who hosts her own eponymous program at the same time.

No launch date has been announced, but a statement is expected in the coming weeks.

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