Barack Obama Comes Out Of Hiding – Makes HUGE Move To Destroy Trump


Democratic National Commitee Chairman, Tom Perez, announced that Barack Obama is set to hold a fundraiser for the DNC, the first time he’ll attempt to raise money for his party, CNN reported.

Perez reportedly said, “I’m elated for Obama to return!” The fundraiser is set for September 27 in Washington. The DNC is having a difficult time raising money, considering July was it’s worse month since January 2009.

Former President Obama has continued to try to stay relevant since leaving the White House, making inappropriate speeches against President Trump, and attacking him on social media.


Perez has been leading the DNC for six months and has found Democrats unwilling to open their wallets. The DNC raised only $3.8 million in July, with $6.8 million cash on hand and a whopping $3.4 million debt.

On the other side of the political aisle, the Republican National Committee is having no problems with finances. The RNC raised $7.8 million in July, has $47.1 million cash on hand, and absolutely no debt.

Among the liberals trying to raise money for the DNC, was former Vice President Joe Biden who lead a LGBT “gala” in New York City this summer.

Immediately after President Trump pulled out of the Paris Accord, Obama released a statement saying that there is an “absence of American leadership.” Conservatives don’t feel that way after freeing themselves from eight years of Obama’s pathetic presidency.

Obama’s absent economic leadership left America with a stalled economy that Trump is thankfully fixing. Obama’s absent health care leadership caused skyrocketing premiums and health insurance plans disappearing which left American families incurring enormous medical bills.

Under Obama’s leadership abroad, America’s enemies have become bolder than ever. There was a dangerous rise in ISIS, Iran is in open violation of the nuclear deal that was negotiated, and the foreign policy is an unmitigated disaster.

Trump was left with a huge mess to repair in order to get America out of the hole Obama put us in. Unlike all the other Presidents before him, Obama can not just take his place as an ex-president and stay out of politics all together.