$5,000 ‘Ultra-Realistic’ Sex Doll Responds to Touch [VIDEO]

You can now get the world’s most expensive sex dolls which is based off the most popular porn stars from around the world, for an eye-watering price.

Many experts are expecting sex robots, that look extremely real, will take over human brothels around the world.

The industry has been completely revolutionized.

The most expensive doll on the market is manufactured by Abyss Creations and it is called their ‘Wicked Real Doll.’

And it looks extremely real.

Like many models of revolutionary sex toys in the market, customers can order an exact replica of their favorite porn star to be made into a real-life doll.

Their entire body is replicated in order to make the customers experience even more realistic.

You are now able to buy an exact replica of the 31-year-old porn star Asa Akira.

She is a striking Japanese-American porn star who has starred in over 500 porn films with a following of 711,000 dedicated followers on Twitter.

Can you tell which Asa Akira is the real one? The resemblance is eerie!

Akira began her career working as a dominatrix at the age of 19. Around 2006-2007 while she was known as the “Show Whore” on the radio show Bubba the Love Sponge she was offered her first pornographic job, the rest is history.

She has appeared in popular porn film parodies that included the Empire Strikes Back XXX and Suicide Squad XXX. Anyone who wants the take Akira home with them though will need to shell out about $5,000. If you want pubic hair, it’ll cost you even more.

The company is also working on having a talking sex robot that would be about to produce its own thoughts. If you want one of these you’ll need an estimated $14,000 to purchase it from Abyss once they are completed.

There is a lot of fear over these artificial intelligence sex doll though as they could be easily targeted by hackers.